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When we look at the history of herbal medicine, we see a set of healing tools passed down from generation to generation, through observations and stories. Now, in our modern world, we elevate science above all other ways of knowing and the double-blind, placebo controlled studies have become our holy grail. People say, “Prove it to me. Show me the study that that herb does that.” The truth is that ALL of these perspectives matter.

As one of my mentors Paul Bergner said at a recent lecture I attended, “Show me the science of delight!”

Well, I can’t, but I can tell you about a delightful experience I had this week with Curcuma longa – what you may know as turmeric.

For the last few months, the inflammation in my body has been increasing. Inflammation is going to mean different things to different folks, so let me tell you what it means in my body:

  • I have been waking up feeling heavy in my limbs with swollen eyes. Far from ready to start my day.
  • Global puffiness in my body. Just the sense that I’m holding onto water (water puts out fire, you know).
  • Unusual abdominal bloating, along with a heavy, anxious feeling in my chest.
  • Dark thoughts and a loss of motivation. Life became effortful.
  • Mental fog.
  • Feeling like everything is an emergency, unable to prioritize tasks.
  • Weepy, with feelings of overwhelm.
  • Lots of sneezing and mucus.
  • Cravings for stimulants, like coffee.
  • Just an overall feeling of sludging along. Surviving each day, but not really enjoying it.

After a consultation with one of my clients who had benefited from turmeric, I thought, well, maybe I should try it. I was skeptical because historically this herb gave me diarrhea and the entire herbal industry worships it, somehow making it less appealing when there are so many herbs available to us.

In the spirit of learning something new, I took a dose last Friday night. I used MediHerb’s Turmeric 1:1 liquid extract. I took a 5 milliliter dose, which is one teaspoon (I am now taking 2 teaspoons per day) with dinner, and I woke up Saturday morning and felt so different:

  • My eyes were open.
  • My steps and spirit felt lighter.
  • I was thinking clearly again.
  • My abdominal bloat was gone, and so was the feeling of heaviness in my chest, which I have learned is a very specific indication for turmeric in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • I felt optimistic, calm and centered.
  • Oh, my glorious bowel movements! They are masterpieces.
  • And I’m peeing again. Water is moving out of my body!
  • My wedding ring fits.

And the improvements didn’t stop with my own personal observations.

  • My mom came over that next day, and she said, “You’re eyes sure do look better today. I didn’t want to say anything, but the other morning when I came over for breakfast, you looked like you had gone out and partied the night before!”
  • In a phone meeting with a number of people, the consensus was: Charlotte, your voice sounds different.
  • I went to my 20-minute Slow Burn strength-training workout on Wednesday, and my trainer said, “Good lord. You’re a super woman today. Last time you did that particular exercise you lasted 1 minute and 43 seconds. You just made it to 2:18!”

Behold the power of this amazing culinary herb. We aren’t talking about a drug here people. We are talking about a cooking spice in the ginger family that offers gentle yet profound liver, immune, digestive, and detoxification support. I am in awe.

And we think of coffee as a performance enhancer? How short-sighted is that?

Speaking of coffee, I haven’t had any for four days. I have been wanting to drink it less, and preferred to have it more as a treat than a daily beverage, but I just couldn’t muster the strength. After a few days of turmeric coursing through my blood stream and feeling so full of life, giving it up has been absolutely effortless. No withdrawals. Just a sustained sense of wellbeing. Now, I am back to enjoying my green tea.

You won’t find this information is a scientific study. The right herb at the right time for the right person can facilitate major changes in your life, elevating your consciousness, and helping you take those next steps, whatever they may be.

While turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory, I now know that it is also sunshine for your soul.

Thank you, dear turmeric, for lifting my spirits when I needed you most. May you help many, many more people find their light in times of darkness.

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