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Magic Salve


Perfect for your bag, your medicine chest, your desk drawer, your travels…
Magic Herbal Salve!


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• Minor cuts and scratches
• Irritated nostrils from allergies or a prolonged sinus cold
• Lip balm
• Dry patches of skin
• Athlete’s foot
• Blisters
• Minor burns
• Bug bites
• Pimples
• Itchy butt
• Diaper rash
• Soothes skin after shaving
• Bug bites

Pretty much good for anything other than a puncture wound!

The story of the Magic Herbal Salve…

I started making this herbal salve in 2005 as a gift for my first clients who were willing to participate in my clinical training. Since that time, it has become a family tradition where my husband, child and myself come together to create this wonderful skin care. It is a one-week process of making an infused herbal oil and then transforming that into a beloved salve. You can actually watch the process here. (please link to you tube video).

It’s important to recognize that herbs have the unique ability to do multiple things at once. In this case, the herbs in the salve modulate inflammation, support healthy tissue production and promote a healthy terrain, meaning that pathogenic bugs are less likely to take hold of the tissue which delays the healing process. The end result is that the wound heals in less time, feels better, and has less scarring.

Please note that ingredients do vary based on availability and my own inspirations, but consistently include: herbs healing to the skin, olive oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, beeswax and a touch of essential oils.

The one thing I have noticed consistently over the years is that men love this salve. So if you’re looking to purchase a homemade gift for the man in your life, this should do the trick. It also makes an awesome stocking stuffer.

The Magic Herbal Salve should be a part of everyone’s natural medicine cabinet! Buy now!

The 2 ounce is salve is $18 and the 1 ounce salve is $10.
Shipping is a standard $10. So those are the options for purchase.

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