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Charlotte Kikel

Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Registered Herbalist (AHG)
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A few weeks ago, I treated myself to a 60-minuted float followed by a 90-minute massage. Sounds like heaven, right? It was…until that afternoon.

I was incredibly disoriented and my thinking was foggy. I felt like I was walking through mud. My legs were heavy and so was my head. I even went to my car and left my purse in the cart at the store. My sinuses were congested, and I thought, “Shit, am I getting sick? I leave on an airplane tomorrow for California! I can’t get sick!”

Early that night, I poured myself into bed and slept like a log. I woke up the next day, feeling slightly better, packed and got on the airplane to California – where I sneezed constantly. Yeah, I was one of those folks that you didn’t want sitting anywhere near you! And I only got worse as the day went on. At one point, I even had a good cry.

That night at the hotel, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep early…dreading a two-day conference, feeling like I’d been run over by a mac truck.

But when I woke up 9 hours later, I felt just fine. I couldn’t believe it. Historically, I would have held on to this “bug” for at least a week, if not six!

So what happened?

Well, it’s perfectly possible that my immune system has gotten stronger over the years and cleared an infection really quickly. But I don’t think that’s it. I think my body was, for lack of better words, detoxing or cleansing.

You see, about a month ago (in addition to eliminating all wireless technology from our home and installing dirty electricity filters) we installed a demand switch on our breaker box that allows us to cut the electricity off at night (everything but the fridges) with a remote from our bedrooms.

Now in our house, sleeping is like camping…or you know that stillness in your home, when the electricity goes out because of a storm. All the buzzing is gone. It’s incredible.

Electricity has become such a part our lives that we don’t think about it. We live with the story that it doesn’t even impact us, but it does. How could it not? We are electrical beings.

The Building Biologist we worked with had warned us: if your body has the resources, it may detox.

Yep. Instead of a 36-hour cold, I actually had a cleansing experience from altering our EMF environment at home. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the bowel troubles I spoke of last week were part of this detoxing as well.

The thing is…I’ve been feeling GREAT. And that’s the big take away: if you suffer from chronic inflammation, and as a result of your personal work and self-care, you’ve “never felt better,” then get ready because that Life Force running through you is going to take you to the next level.

Your Life Force seeks transformation…it seeks reorganization…it wants to flow through you in the most enlivening way possible. And if it hits a bump in the road, it’s gonna smooth it out. It’s gonna clear it out. And you’re gonna experience it.

So I’ve been living the mystery: was I “sick” or was something else going on? I have a deep sense that something else was going on.

And I want to empower you with that awareness because at the core of this distinction, who cares? Getting sick and detoxing are the same thing.

When you feel “sick” know that that is the ultimate detox. People spend so much money and effort on detox kits and purification programs, and while these do have a place, the most important thing we do can when these symptoms hit us is to LET IT BE.

Let the mucus flow.

Let your bowels move.

Let your body rest and be still.

Let yourself hurt, knowing that your immune system is taking care of you.

Look, our Western minds want to know. Our minds want to figure things out. Our minds want to be certain. We live in our heads. But healing doesn’t work like that. Healing needs you to trust. Healing resides in the body. Healing knows that the story you tell yourself is more important than anything.

I prefer to think that my body – with less of a toxic environmental burden on it – decided to clean house and that I’m now better off for it. I can’t know for sure, and I can’t see it. But I can sure as fuck feel it.

Detox in peace, my friends.



PS – Just a reminder that Glenn and I will be in Austin on Saturday, October 19th teaching an 8-hour CEU seminar titled 8 Ways Patients (and you) Sabotage Their Health. Hope to see you there!

Oh, and if you want to learn more about dirty electricity which is completely relevant to the EMF conversation, check out Dr Sam Milham’s book Dirty Electricity. I finished it last week and it is an excellent read. Again, you will see how science isn’t science anymore. The number of letters to the editor in journals and studies that this man proposed that got rejected is astounding. I’m not sure science really cares at all about us anymore. It simply pretends to.

I’m almost done with Dr Tom Cowan’s new book Cancer and the New Biology of Water: Why the War on Cancer has Failed and What that Means for More Effective Prevention and Treatment and to be frank, the theme between these two unrelated books is the same: WTF are we doing? If something shows itself to us – whether it is harmful or helpful and without fully understanding why – shouldn’t we be able to study it? Big egos and industry have taken the place of what used to be scientific inquiry and the people are suffering are us. Good read.

Last but not least, I made an unbelievable meal last night: bacon-wrapped meatloaf. The secret was this fatty blend of ground beef and ground heart from US Wellness Meats. I used a half-pound of that blend with a half-pound of grassfed ground beef. Such a great way to work a nutrient dense tissue into our diets, and Drake loved it. What a win.

Thanks again for reading and please remember to pass this on to your friends. See ya next week!