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This last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by Dr. Michael Gaeta, titled All Disease Becomes Autoimmune. While I learned a lot, Dr. Gaeta made a statement that moved me. He said, “If you’re not weird, you’re screwed.”

I’m going to tell you why. There’s an interesting thing that happens when you start healing. You will feel weird as you make new decisions, and in that, you will begin to see things differently. Your very existence will begin to challenge the status quo. In essence, you become more sensitive to life.

This concerns people. They whine, “But I can’t do the things I used to do! I don’t want to be the weird one!”

This is true. You can’t do as you please anymore because when you wake up to wellness, you start to pay attention to things you weren’t aware of before.

I spent decades numbing myself with sugar and excessive exercise. When I stopped using food and exercise as drugs, I started to FEEL.

It wasn’t always pretty, and still isn’t.

Feeling fully alive isn’t all “happy, happy, joy, joy.” Real healing is hard, it’s weird and it involves recreating yourself over and over and over again. Healing is work! As you expand in consciousness, the things that no longer serve you fall away.

From my perspective, here are 10 signs that your vitality is coming forth and that your weirdness is saving you:

  1. You start to annoy people (a lot).
    In general, people know what they need to do to feel good. Eat more vegetables. Drink water. Move your body. Eliminate gluten. Etc. So when you start to actually DO these things, you become a reflection of their failures. They act irritated with you, but they are really irritated with themselves.
    You’re not trying to be annoying. It just comes naturally!
    These people might try to sabotage your diet and healthy lifestyle choices by saying things like, “Come on…you can have just a little pizza. Don’t be so uptight!” or my favorite, “Do you have a real allergy to that food or is this, you know, just a diet?”
    Your job: Keep doing what you know is right for you. Don’t argue and don’t try to convince anyone of anything. Just do the next right thing for yourself with as little explanation as possible. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. You get new friends.
    All change is a form of loss. Grieve the good times you had with your sugar-eating, beer-drinking buddies. It’s sad to say good-bye.
    But you’re worth it.
    Your job: Allow new people to come into your life. If you’re living in a model of wellness, then like-minded people will find you.
  3. Staying up late makes you feel sick.
    The other day, I talked to a parent who explains their teenager’s curfew like this, “Nothing GOOD happens after 11PM.” It’s true when you’re a teenager and it’s true now.
    Your job: Continue to go to bed as close to 9PM as possible. This is an exercise in discipline that will make you stronger in every other area of your life.
  4. You quit your job.
    Toxicity can come in many forms. Sometimes it is your immediate environment; other times there is toxic energy. When your vitality starts bubbling up, don’t be surprised if your current job starts to make you spiritually or physically sick. It’s ok.
    Your job: Find a new job that honors who you are becoming. You are a co-creator in your life. Follow your hunches and curiosity. Those little feelings are Spirit talking to you. As you heal, those messages will become much clearer and louder. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Just keep paying attention.
  5. You become intolerant to horror movies, violence, television, and soap operas.
    I grew up watching movies and television shows that mirrored the physiological stress that I was putting my body through with my poor food and lifestyle choices. This type of entertainment literally makes me nauseous now, and that’s a good thing!
    Your job: Seek out feel-good stories. Sweet stories about life that may make you cry healing tears. And just get rid of your television. The media does not portray reality.
  6. You realize that malls suck.
    Once again, I grew up where going to the mall was a BIG treat. A special day. Not anymore, now going to the mall is a nightmare. I have to chew a Kava Forte just to pull into the parking lot. The chemical smells, the fluorescent lights, the processed foods, and the people working at the kiosks that assault you with their latest deal – all of it makes me want to vomit. Malls symbolize the misguided part of our culture that tells us that buying more shit will make you happy. It won’t. It’s a lie.
    Your job: You are starting to learn that happiness is an inside job. It comes from eating real food, using herbal medicine, sleeping, and moving – not too much and not too little. Happiness is a result of hormonal harmony because you’re making the decision to support your vitality. You also realize that shopping at local businesses, like farmer’s markets and one-of-a-kind stores, is the way to go. Money is an exchange of energy, you pay attention to this now.
  7. Sugar tastes too sweet.
    You go to a party and you eat the ice cream and cake and you realize that it’s way too sweet. This is a monumental occasion because you no longer have to live on will power. You now make dietary decisions based on the wisdom coming deep from within you. How liberating.
    Your job: Consume bitter herbs, like dandelion root and artichoke leaf. Bitter is the antidote to sweet. Bitter educates your taste buds and the more that bitter becomes a part of your diet, the less you will want sugar.
  8. You get sick and love it!
    Now, maybe love is an overstatement, but really, your relationship to your body changes when you start to cultivate your vitality. You understand that getting sick is healing. You understand that a fever is a therapeutic event that rarely, if ever, needs to be interrupted. You celebrate your snot and mucosal excretions, thinking to yourself, “Look how amazing my body is! I am an incredible self-cleansing organism!”
    Your job: Be defiant. When you are sick, be sick. Stay at home. Rest. Fast. Take hot baths. And when you feel better? Don’t go back to work. Take 2 more days off to honor the convalescent period of healing. You know you will be stronger if you do this right and weaker if you don’t. You know in your soul that the world WILL go on without you. You know that being sick is a time to set aside your ego and let the body’s wisdom take over. You allow acute illness to transform you on all levels.
  9. You use the medical system for emergency care.
    Unless you are dying or need immediate medical attention due to an accident, you don’t go to the doctor. You understand that the only person who has any business birthing a baby is a midwife. Being pregnant and giving birth are NOT medical events. They are sacred events and the body is best left alone during this time.
    Your job: Develop your natural medicine cabinet. We don’t have drugs in our house. We have natural tools available from Standard Process and MediHerb. As you learn to trust your body, you will learn to trust all of life. The medical system is there if you need it, but it is a last resort, not the first line of defense.
  10. You get angry.
    Vital people get mad and then go do something about it.
    It’s hard to give a shit about anything while you lounge around the house on your couch like a zombie watching movies, drinking Coke and eating Cheetos.
    But when you enliven yourself with real food, good sleep, and appropriate exercise, you have sustainable energy and can see the injustices in this world. What moves you and what moves me are likely to be two different things.
    Your job: Trust that voice within you and go take care of that corner of the world.

God isn’t going to save us.

You are.

God isn’t outside of us, somewhere out there, pulling strings. God is life-giving energy that is in you and me and everything in between. It manifests as vitality in the human form.

As Dr. Gaeta said, during his seminar this weekend, “The primary function of a conscious person is to interfere with the status quo.”

So this is it, my friends, be weird or be screwed. It’s your choice. I know what mine is….

Be weird in peace!



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