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I love this herb so much that had I given birth to a girl her name would be schisandra.

You may not be acquainted with this plant, but it’s never too late to meet a new herbal ally.

Schisandra chinensis is a berry that comes to us from Chinese Medicine. They call it the herb of 5 tastes. It’s sweet, bitter, pungent, salty and sour all at the same time. And the one thing we know in the study of herbal medicine is this: the more complex the taste, the more complex the medicine.

It protects the liver and aids detoxification. Calms the nervous system. Promotes mental clarity. Balances the stress and sex hormones. Supports the immune system. Eases anxiety and uplifts our spirits. All at the same time.

This makes sense since each taste bud is a nerve ending that communicates messages all over the body.

Schisandra is specific to people who can’t hold on to their fluids. They may sweat too much, pee too much, cry too much, or have a prolonged case of diarrhea.

What I’ve noticed over the years for myself and my clients is that schisandra also helps regulate the emotions. This shouldn’t be surprising since emotions are the water element flowing through the body. As it relates to both fluids and emotions, it seems to me to be an herb of containment when there is too much movement in these arenas.

I believe that this is an herb for empaths and highly sensitive people. Over the years, I have observed that it performs a barrier function for the type of person who tends to lose themselves in others. So whether you are depleted and rundown, codependent, or simply feel too much, schisandra can help you create healthy boundaries.

Ultimately, it is an herb for increased presence in your life. Whether I am parenting, cooking, writing, consulting, or relaxing, schisandra helps me bring the highest version of myself to the table…and it may help you, too.

Because let’s get real: we are experiencing a huge shift in consciousness right now in our country and on the entire planet! It is stressful as fuck, and herbs are here to help us through it.

By now, you may be wondering, how can I taste this amazing berry?! I usually purchase mine from Pacific Botanicals, but Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals are viable vendors as well. Availability of herbal material can vary, so it’s good to have options.

My favorite way to use schisandra is in a honey preparation. I call it Liver Love. When you get the honor of meeting this berry, you will realize that it is tart. It feels drying to the tongue. Enter honey, which is a moistening agent that balances out schisandra’s drying, astringent qualities.

Without further adieu, I put together a video to show you how to make it. May you, too, enjoy all this herb has to offer…

Have fun trying this wonderful herb!



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