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“Electromagnetic fields are an emerging public health crisis that will go down in history as one of the most important mistakes made in the name of progress.”

-Camilla Rees, MBA

I’ve compiled a few more notes for you from the recent EMF conference in California, and there is still more to come!

On the morning of Saturday, September 6th, we kicked it off with Dr Lisa Nagy who discussed Differential Diagnosis: Lyme, Mold and EMF Sensitivity. This woman is a shero in environmental medicine (and in case you don’t know what a shero is, it’s a female hero). Nothing makes a better healer than someone who has suffered, gotten well and is striving to help others. You can hear her story in a Netflix docuseries titled Afflicted (Glenn and I are on episode 4. It’s very engaging, educational and of course, disturbing).

Dr Nagy starts her lecture by sharing a video of a patient whose first environmental assault was carbon monoxide poisoning at 2 years of age. Later, exposure to a moldy building tipped the scales into electrohypersensitivity. This guy can hear radio transmissions in his head – clearly – and he is struggling to survive. Her message: believe your patients.

She offered more wisdom…

“Once the patient has become environmentally ill from chemical or mold exposure it is imperative to avoid EMF so as to avoid becoming EMF sensitive. Must ask questions about symptoms of EMF and give advice the first appointment.

This means not using the cell near the head and employing an air tubing headset all the time – never removing it from the phone. Speaker phone still keeps the device too close to the skull, Bluetooth is not benign. Do NOT sleep with the phone.

Avoiding smart meter installation is a must as well.

Using a computer with a distance from the battery by using the external keyboard, track ball mouse not the mousepad on the laptop as the electricity can go through the battery to the index finger and create nerve damage demonstrable on EMG.

Mac mini has low EMF.”

“There are a triad of conditions commonly seen in environmentally ill patients:

  1. Adrenal insufficiency
  2. Dysautonomia (when the autonomic nervous system is not working properly)
  3. Mitochondrial damage – myopathy”

Random factoids from her presentation:

  • In her experience, lavender and tea tree oil can trigger disease in children. If you are environmentally sensitive, no matter how lovely you think essential oils are, avoid them for a decade until you are well enough to handle them. They are not benign natural products.
  • If you are hot in the afternoon and cold in grocery stores, that is a sign of low cortisol.
  • In kids, moldy buildings with WiFi cause adrenal insufficiency, dysautonomia, and chemical sensitivity which later in life adds up to drug addiction. Mold damages adrenals – badly.
  • A dysautonomic crisis looks like a panic attack.
  • Long eyelashes in kids points to food sensitivities.
  • Mold makes men belligerent and women sensitive; relationships are stressed and usually end.
  • She said homeless people in the ER need oxygen not psychiatric drugs. Many of them are NOT mentally ill; they are physically ill from the environment.
  • Doctors think the problem is in the patient, but it’s in the environment!
  • Metals in the body have an antenna effect – fillings in teeth, eyeglasses, etc increase the total body burden and create allergies.
  • For these people, nothing will appear on a physical exam; these are functional issues.
  • Getting families to turn off Wi-Fi for 12 hours at night gets a foot in the door. Usually, dads won’t object to this.
  • Kids who are hyperactive, destructive and make poor eye contact may be suffering from electro sensitivities.
  • 90% of the problem is IN YOUR HOME. Clean it up.

She recommends that patients buy this book: Living with Environmental Illness. I just ordered it.

3 cheers for Dr Lisa Nagy! What an amazing human being.

Next up was Magda Havas – another gem. She emphasized that oxidative stress explains all the effects of EMFs. X-rays, chemical pollutants, smoking and chlorinated water all have one thing in common: they are oxidizing agents. And that non-ionizing radiation (non-thermal effects) prevents repair of tissues in the body. That’s why we need plenty of CoQ10, Vitamin C, E, B12, melatonin, SOD (superoxide dismutase), manganese, selenium and zinc. In other words, you need to be nutritionally sound to cope with this onslaught of invisible bullshit.

Precursors to electrohypersensitivity include:

  • Physical trauma to the nervous system.
  • Chemical exposure.
  • Electrical exposure.
  • Biological trauma.
  • Impaired immune system.

Dr Zory Glaser from the Naval Medical Research Instituted donated all of his documents to Dr Havas which you can access here. Impressive.

She was also a part of this group seeking to evaluate the level of radiation exposure in schools. It’s called the BRAG Antenna Ranking of Schools.

According to her, our most certain future looks like this: anxiety prone children will be taking care of their neurologically impaired parents.

Last but not least, if you can get these sounds to work, you will be blown away by what we are bathing ourselves in on a 24/7 basis. Kinda makes you think twice!

So many people doing such wonderful, gut wrenching work, yes? I just love them. Thank you.

Alrighty, ya’ll, that’s all I have time for today. I’m heading to an herbal conference in California this weekend and need to prepare.

In the meantime, put that cell phone in airplane mode in peace, my friends!



PS – Unrelated to the never ending story of EMF health hazards, I discovered two great new snacks from Perfect Keto: chocolate covered macadamia nuts and a cinnamon roll bar. Absolutely delicious and most importantly, satisfying, especially when traveling.

I’m still reading The Invisible Rainbow and it is blowing my mind, but another book just arrived today that I’m looking forward to reading by Dr Tom Cowan – Cancer and The New Biology of Water: Why the War on Cancer Has Failed and What That Means for More Effective Prevention and Treatment.

Just a reminder that on Saturday, October 19th, Glenn and I will be teaching an 8-hour CEU seminar in Austin. You can learn more about it here (just scroll down on the page)! Really hoping to see some of you, as we talk about all the things holding us back from healing. See ya next week!