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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

-Maya Angelou

My husband and I just returned from the first EMF Conference for medical professionals in the United States, and the take home message is clear: we need to change how we use technology and we need to change NOW.

To give you a taste of our weekend, you should know that when we arrived at the conference, the entire audience was told to put their phones in airplane mode. The conference facility turned off Wi-Fi as well – both in the conference room AND where we slept. There was also a designated lap top free zone for seats to accommodate people who are sensitive to magnetic fields, and if you did use a laptop, then you were instructed to disable both WiFi and Bluetooth. Once you learn about these issues, you realize that this is the least you can do.

Have you ever been to an event that took these steps? I haven’t. But this is exactly the kind of thing that should be happening at all gatherings to bring attention to the reality that wireless technology is hurting us – whether you can feel it or not. These conversations are going to be awkward as all hell, but absolutely 100% necessary.

Before I dive into the highlights of the conference, I need to say something more. Please don’t shake your head in despair and stop reading this email. For whatever reason – overwhelm, feelings of helplessness, despair, addiction, the fear that we’ve injured our children, etc – I’ve never encountered a topic that brings up more for people and in response, they just check out. I get it. It’s a lot to acknowledge – just please stay with me. Keep reading. This is so important because 90% of the negative impact is in your home. 90%. Yes, there are cell towers, power lines, neighbors and workplaces who do things you cannot control, but 90% of it, you CAN address. We certainly have addressed it in our home, and I feel so much better. Ok – now that you’re with me, let’s go!

Sharon Golderg, MD – EMF Exposure: Neurological & Cardiometabolic Effects

Dr Goldberg resides in Santa Fe. My understanding is that she doesn’t have a physical office. She comes to your home and is studying to be a Building Biologist (this is the professional organization that trains people to evaluate spaces for the impact of radio frequencies, magnetic fields, etc).

Dr Goldberg is an incredible human being and explained very clearly that EMF biological effects overlap with chronic disease mechanisms. Said another way, all the inflammation in your body associated with chronic disease is synergizing with your use of wireless technology. What are the biological effects of electromagnetic fields? Let me break it down for you:

  • Oxidative stress
  • Mitochondrial damage
  • Membrane leakage
  • Calcium channel effects
  • Heat shock proteins
  • DNA Damage

She emphasized that people are sick and not getting better and EMFs are responsible. The remediation targets are as follows: microwave radiation (RFR), dirty electricity (VLF), AC magnetic fields (ELF) and AC Electric Fields (ALF). Within each one of these categories, there are things we can control, and things we can’t, but a building biologist can help you take a look.

She cited this study that looks at how those born between 1981-1996 are doing with their health. These are the millennials. Major health decline begins at age 27. The 3 conditions increasing the most are: major depression, hyper-activity and type II diabetes which are all associated with oxidative stress as it relates to or is magnified by EMF exposure.

From 1999-2016, there has also been a significant increase in suicide rates. She referred to this study to illustrate the connection: Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression by affecting what are called voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These VGCCs have a “near universal role in release of neurotransmitters and hormones by neuroendocrine cells. EMFs act via downstream VGCC activation effects: increase intracellular calcium, excessive calcium and nitric oxide signaling, excessive peroxynitrite, free radicals and oxidative stress.”

Strokes among young people are also on the rise. Just check out this new magazine called Stroke Smart. The rates of strokes among older people have not changed. The shared mechanism between mental illness, stroke and dementia is, you guessed it, oxidative stress. This review article confirms that 93 out of 100 studies shows that RFR induces oxidative stress in biological systems with a high pathogenic potential.

She goes on to talk about how “the pancreas has poor defenses against oxidative stress” and how “Wi-Fi leads to hyperglycemia, increased oxidative stress and impaired insulin secretion in rats.” And what is the medical system doing to “monitor/treat” diabetes? Using a continuous glucose monitor which checks up to 288 glucose readings per day, sent wirelessly to your smart device! Brilliant. Ok, that’s enough from Dr Goldberg…

Just recognize this: anyone who says we need more science to prove that this technology is affecting our health isn’t actually looking at the science. We have all the science we need to exercise the precautionary principle, yet people still hold their cell phones to their heads, give devices to their children and new technologies just keep rolling out.

Olle Johansson, PhD – “Treatment” of Electrohypersensitivity: Lessons from Sweden

I could have listened to this man talk all day long. I even cried. His presence was moving and healing. The basic tenet of his presentation was this: this morning you woke up as an electrosenstive person, so there’s nowhere to go without you feeling it in your body. In this sensitive state, do you want to be seen as a patient or a person? What if the canary in the coal mine is the only normal human being? Yep, that’s what brought a tear to my eye.

The bottom line is that humans aren’t impaired, their environment is. Treat the environment, not the person and an electrohypersensitive person moves from being a patient to a citizen. In Sweden, Dr Johansson has played a large role in defining electrohypersensitivity (EHS) as a disability; therefore, the health of living and work places has to be considered for these people. Here’s the abstract to his article.

God bless this man and his work. Thank you.

Dr Pilar Munoz-Calero from Madrid – Understanding EHS and Patient Cases

There was a bit of a language barrier here for me, but this woman was solid. Here are some tidbits…There are 25 different reviews showing reduced fertility including:

  • Structural changes in testicles and ovaries
  • Low sperm count, motility and quality
  • Diminished number of follicles (ovarian)
  • Increase in miscarriages
  • Diminished levels of all 3 sexual hormones
  • Diminished libido

She also explained 4 reasons that EMFs are much more active in children than adults:

  1. Children have surface relationships with higher volumes, which means that their tissue is much more exposed to EMFs. This can be particularly important in the head, where the thinner cranium means that the brain exposures are much higher.
  2. Children have very high densities of mother cells that are particularly sensitive to EMFs (previously discussed by Dr. Igor Belyaev).
  3. The developing brain seems to be especially sensitive to EMFs.
  4. Young tissue has a much greater content of water outside the cells than older tissue. This leads to a much deeper penetration of effects.

For these reasons, WiFi and radiation from cell phone towers are especially worrisome in schools. We’ve got to get this shit away from our children.

Also, from Dr Pilar, the more intelligent the device, the more it pulsates; the more it pulsates the more biologically active it is. She also quoted The Klinghardt Institute, “Electromagnetic fields suppress the immune system and provoke the growth of Borrelia and Epstein Barr pathogenicity. A 7 minute cell phone call activates your hidden Epstein Barr Virus.”

Dr Devra Davis – Practical Applications and Medical Organization Recommendations: The Effects of RF and Electromagnetic Exposure on Infertility, Brain Development and Other Chronic Health Problems

Dr Davis reminds us that “it’s best to keep your cell phone as far from the testes as you can (Cleveland Clinic).”

She also shared a 3 minute video from the History Channel about The Active Denial System – watch this just in case you think invisible waves can’t do anything to us.

As it turns out, 5G is using some form of millimeter wave so it’s good to know that “sweat glands act as helical antennas that absorb millimeter frequencies. A moratorium on the deployment of 5G is warranted.” So yeah, scientists are waving their hands in the air yelling for help while we are all looking down at our goddmamn phones.

Dr Davis is also a part of the Babysafe Project which is a website everyone should go to!

And last but not least, I just watched her TedTalk titled Rapid Fire: What Brain and Sperm Share and Why Care. It is well worth your time.

Alrighty, that’s enough for now. Stay tuned for part 2 because this was just a brief summary of Friday morning before lunch.

Change your use of technology in peace, my friends!



PS – I want to celebrate something with you. I’m getting rid of my cell phone today. It has been a gradual awakening for me. First, there was this strong feeling that I needed to extract myself from social media. Done. Then, I realized my iPhone was a mental and physical health hazard (who needs a computer in their hand?), so I traded it in for an old school flip phone. But it affected my body, too, and now I look at this flip phone, and I don’t want it anywhere near me. Or you, for that matter. Because “second hand radiation” is the new “second hand smoke,” except that one could escape smoke, if needed. This radiation from devices is freaking everywhere, and I’m not going to contribute to it anymore. Today marks the beginning of my new life without a cell phone in my purse. It will be simpler in some ways and more complex in others, and I welcome all of it. Cheers to change!

Here is my new contact information:

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See ya next week with Part 2…