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From convenience foods because you need to work more and spend less time eating BACK to traditional foods that require preparation because nourishing your body is a priority.

From margarine BACK to motherfucking butter.

From vegetable oils BACK to lard.

From having a baby in a hospital BACK to birthing at home with a midwife.

From pumping breastmilk BACK to literally breastfeeding.

From fever suppression with anti-inflammatory drugs BACK to respecting the wisdom of the body and managing fever with herbs and hydrotherapy.

From vaccines against benign childhood infections BACK to letting our kids get sick and rest because we know that this creates robust immune systems.

From pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgery BACK to real food, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes to support vitality.

From conventional farming with chemicals, monocropping, and genetic modification BACK to biodynamic farming with a diversity of plants and animals.

From using screens to educate our children BACK to good ole fashioned books…with pages…of paper.

From wireless technology BACK to hard-wired technology.

From a smart phone BACK to a flip phone.

And maybe from a flip phone BACK to a home phone.

Yes, sometimes going backwards moves you forward.

When it comes to our health and the health of the planet (which cannot be separated), these are a number of ways that we must un-fuck ourselves. I mean, really, when you stop and think about anything that requires action. You have three options: to do, not to do, and to undo.

I say that undoing is the hardest part.

I remember years ago when I gave up sugar, flour, white rice, pasta, potatoes and alcohol in an effort to stabilize my blood sugar. I cried on the kitchen floor because when I cleaned my pantry and refrigerator, I had nothing to eat. But I learned. I changed my diet and now avoiding sugar is second nature to me.

This is the energy I call upon as my family continues to address EMFs in our home and community. I’ve been here before. “Fuck! You mean I’ve been hurting my body with all these years with eating too much sugar and avoiding fat?” morphs into “Fuck! You mean that electromagnetic fields are damaging our bodies. We’ve been doing this wrong and now we have to fix it?!”

This is what un-fucking yourself from EMFs looks like:

  1. We hired Riun Ashlie, an electromagnetic radiation assessment specialist, to evaluate our home for EMFs.
  2. Riun also measured the dirty electricity in our home and installed appropriate devices in the electrical sockets to dampen it.
  3. We eliminated our WiFi and hardwired internet into our computers with ethernet cables.
  4. WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off on all devices.
  5. We eliminated most wireless devices. Our phones are now corded. My printer is now attached to my computer. Our Bose portable speaker is now corded to the iPad for listening to music and audiobooks, which I swiftly shift to airplane mode the minute the music or book are up and running. I’m also going to sell our wireless vacuum cleaner. Dammit.
  6. We replaced 2 fire alarms that use ionizing radiation.
  7. We got rid of dimmer switches in our home which are a significant source of dirty electricity.
  8. I rearranged my office so that I am not sitting in wires.
  9. After two months of going back and forth, the city replaced our smart meter with an analog meter. We are thankful.
  10. We replaced our Firebox for streaming with a hardwired Roku. This is still throwing off a ton of RFs so we are looking for a mitigating device and we rearranged the furniture so that we aren’t bathing in that crap when we enjoy a movie. We also turn off the power strip when we’re not watching the television.
  11. We just installed solar panels on our home and had to pay an additional $2000 to relocate the inverter which creates a large magnetic field. It’s no longer on the side of my son’s bedroom! (As a side note, the environmental movement often fails to take human health into account. From inverters on bedroom walls to the magnetic fields of smart cars to the toxic air recirculating in energy efficient homes, the industry has improved energy production without thinking about how these “improvements” affect our health.)
  12. I do not work on my computer with it charging. In fact, I will be switching to a desktop soon. Oh, and we are making an effort to unplug all chargers when they are not in use. These chargers are a significant source of dirty electricity.
  13. We are homeschooling our child. Kids are the most affected by EMFs, and if a school has WiFi, then they are bathing in it. Their skulls are not fully formed and the radiation also impacts their bone marrow, not to mention their behavior.
  14. I just traded in my smart phone for an old fashioned flip phone and am trying to figure out which RF safe airbud headseat is compatible. Admittedly, this has been a total pain in the ass, but I don’t care. I want to see how it goes and how much I rely on wireless technology. Let’s just say that I am humbled and my creative juices are flowing.
  15. And finally, there was my car. Up until 2 months ago or so, I was ignorant to the fact that using a cell phone and connecting to WiFi in a car is a bad idea. Apparently, metal conducts electromagnetic frequencies and the devices ramp up their ability to connect since they are inside a moving vehicle. So I had to disable Bluetooth, etc from my car as well. It’s not enough to just do that on your phone.

My husband estimates that we have spent $4500 undoing the wireless technology in our home. $4500 to unfuck ourselves from this invisible toxin in the air. To be fair, I don’t think it will cost you that much due to our situation with the solar panel inverter. But what if we lived in a world where people were educated on this issue? The inverter wouldn’t have been installed on a bedroom wall in first place.

Look, when it’s all said and done, we have to change in some very big ways. We as human beings are obsessed with convenience, control, certainty and comfort. Smart phones and all of this wireless technology plays right into our selfish little hands. This is a direct result of living in our heads where we put efficiency and productivity above all else. What we have called being connected is actually being hyperconnected.

And I’m here to tell you this: your soul wants something different…

Your soul doesn’t give a shit about convenience. It wants you to be challenged.

Your soul doesn’t give a shit about control. It wants you to trust.

Your soul doesn’t give a shit about certainty. It wants you to embrace mystery and grace.

Your soul doesn’t give a shit about comfort. It knows that you can only grow when you are uncomfortable.

What do you say we start living for our souls instead of for our lizard brains? We can blame the industry all day long, but we go along with all this crap because we fucking like it.

There hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t looked at my husband and said, “I have a one-month window to return this flip phone. This is frustrating AF. I think I should just trade it in for a new iPhone and you know, just use it differently.”

And I’ve done the same thing with Facebook. I deleted all of my social media accounts because my soul doesn’t want to participate in the insanity of it anymore. But again, there isn’t a day that has gone by that I haven’t wanted to set up another Facebook account. I want to sell things using the marketplace function. I want to participate in professional groups having chats about clinical work that they are doing or to continue conversations with online programs I am in the process of completing.

True confession: I set up a new Facebook account with these purposes in mind and deleted it twice before I finally decided that none of the information I am missing in these forums or the ability to sell things I don’t need anymore are worth my humanity. When we participate in something, we are approving of it.

At this point, for me, going to back to social media in any form or getting another smart phone is like making the decision to eliminate sugar from my diet and a week later telling myself, “I’m just gonna have a bite of cupcake, alright? Just one bite.”

These are the longings of an addict and the one truth about addicts is that they always want more. More. More. More. More.

Wireless technology isn’t just damaging our nervous systems, our bodies, and nature; it is a spiritual problem.

This is really hard work, people. Un-fucking yourself from EMFs is no joke.

But I learned long, long, long ago that I can do hard shit. And I believe that you can too.

Remember, sometimes moving forward demands that you go backward. I hope that you will join me.

Un-fuck yourselves in peace, my friends!



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And kudos to my friend Faith Harper who was brave enough to put “unfuck” in the title of her books. I love it!