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Have you ever wondered how nutritious your store-bought nut milk might be? You read the nutrition information on the back of the carton, and think…hey, this isn’t so bad. At least it isn’t dairy, plus it’s low in sugar and has a little protein. Right?


Aside from the fact some brands contain unnecessary filler ingredients and only contain a paltry ration of nuts then watered down to a thin liquid, making your own nut milk is more about what you are getting than what you are excluding. Here’s why:

  1. Fresh is always best! Like store bought versions, homemade nut milks are not going to expire quickly, but think of how long something sits in a store and then your fridge before you finish consuming it. When you make nut milk at home, you know exactly how long it’s been on the shelf and can be certain you are enjoying the freshest milk possible.
  2. You have control over your product when you make it yourself. You decide the thickness and the quantity you need to make. Have a big family or smaller budget? You can stretch the recipe to make your nut purchase go a long way by adding more water to your mix. Like a thicker milk or need a smaller quantity? Use a bit less water to enjoy a creamier version. It’s so incredibly easy to be the boss of your nut milk destiny.
  3. It’s fast! How many times have we had to run out to the grocery store late at night just to grab a carton of milk? It’s so common it’s cliché. Obviously you would have to keep your nut pantry stocked up enough to whip up a jar of milk, but bustin out a batch of fresh nut milk takes less time than it takes my son to get dressed. He’s three, so make of that what you will.
  4. Speaking of jars of milk…storing your milk in reusable glass jars is better for our tender planet than purchasing cardboard cartons that may or may not get recycled properly.
  5. I must attest that the FLAVOR is one of the biggest reasons to blend your own batch. You’ll have to trust me enough to make your own, but once you blend your own nuts, you’ll never let someone else do it for you…ahem.
  6. The least scientific reason to make your own nut milk is it is really, really Fun to make. I guarantee if you have kids, they will want to get their hands in on the action. So squishy! Watch the video…you’ll see.

To learn how to make your own Pecan Nut Milk, check out my new video on Eat in Peace TV HERE!