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Finding the right gift for someone you love can be a head scratcher, especially if you are committed to following the path to wellness. Stores are chalk full of shiny red and pink confections, and a whole lot of unhealthy gift options.

My favorite gifts are the ones that say I love you because they are made from pure ingredients, with attention to quality by people who care. They are made with love. When you can feel the care put into making a product, you know it’s a great gift to share with someone special.

  1. If any of you follow me on facebook, you’ll know my latest obsession is Endorphin Chocolate. I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate and this stuff is amazing. There are multiple yummy options to choose from and all are hand-crafted from high quality cacao using sweeteners made from whole foods, fresh spices and essential oils. This is a seriously delectable treat that you can order right online. I just hope you can give this gift away before you eat it. On second thought, maybe you should make your order a double. Can’t wait for my next shipment.
  2. In place of long stem roses, gift someone with Riot of Roses Rose Cream by Galen’s Way. This amazing cream nourishes skin with organic oils and plant extracts that leave skin oh so soft and smelling like heaven. I’m fortunate that Matthew Persico, the creator of this cream, was one of my herbal teachers. He taught me how to make my Magic Herbal Salve. His riot of roses is THE best thing to use on your face. Made by an herbalist, he knows how to harness the power of the plants for the benefit of your skin.
  3. And here we are back at chocolate. Well we are talking about foods that say I love you! Eating Evolved celebrates their motto that “chocolate is food, not candy” and treats its cacao beans with serious dignity. Although they make a variety of chocolate bars I especially like the little cups that look like a peanut butter cup but is healthy and delicious using coconut. I am waiting for my strawberry and cream cups to arrive and am salivating just thinking about it.
  4. Short on time to either make something or order it online? Another easy go-to, especially if you live in Austin or other large metro area are dark chocolate covered strawberries, free from dairy, gluten and excessive sugar. There are so many wonderful treats in their stores it’s hard to narrow it down. Often my one-stop-shop for healing treats is south Austin’s own People’s Pharmacy. It’s my Cheers.
    Don’t be afraid to gift something unusual. Surprise your lover or yourself with a breakfast taco, butter coffee or a steamy warm bowl of soup. There. That’s perfect. Live it up. Indulge the right way.
  5. If you have even a few free minutes, you can make something special in your own kitchen… Try making my homemade coconut cream with strawberries for your dairy free lover. A moron can make this (and I trust that you’re not a moron because you’re reading this so I know after watching this video you can pull it off).

You can’t go wrong with these amazing gifts that promote health and vitality. Spread the love and always…

Eat in Peace!



P.S. I should let you know I share these products from my heart and am not paid to do so…